Hello there! I’m Liv, and welcome to my corner of the internet. 

Here you can expect to find…

  • Book reviews
  • Poetry
  • Thoughts on life (deep and not so deep)
  • Writing advice
  • Thoughts about God


All about me:

I’m a hairdresser

Also known as a cosmetologist, but that’s harder to remember. 😛 I started beauty school back in December of 2018, and I plan to graduate by December of this year. I work as an assistant in a salon currently, and I learn so much every single day. I love updos, braids, and all of that fun stuff. You can check out my hair Instagram page here. 

I’m a writer

My love for words includes poetry, journaling, and fiction novels. My aim is to write about characters who are as broken as we are, and through them to show light that shapes the way we live in a dark world. 

I officially began my writing journey in the summer of 2017, where I joined a small Christian community called Young Writer’s Workshop, where I help out as a community assistant. 

I’m a Christian

If you’ve read this far, I think you may have caught on, but my first and foremost desire to bring glory to God, both in my words and my actions. I strongly believe that God uses the everyday lives of his people to bring him glory, and it doesn’t matter what profession you have or how many people you interact with each day. 

Even if you aren’t a Christian, I’d still love for you to stick around and join me on this great adventure called life!