12 Ways To Find Your Passion to Write Again

We’ve all had our days of banging our head against the wall because we’re stuck. Again. And your brain is dead. You have a deadline coming up too. You need to write that blog post. You need to finish outlining that novel.

But the ideas aren’t there. You feel like doing anything else but actually writing. (Or outlining, in my case)

That was me a few days ago. And I stayed that way for a few weeks. But I also got out of it, and my brain is finally spinning with ideas.

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Friendship: A Blessing, Not a Necessity

Friends mean so much to me, and I know they mean a lot to many of you. I value really tight knit friendships and people around me who will be there when I need someone to talk to. I value people who understand me.

We all value love, and want people to care about us. It is part of human nature to want to feel cared for.

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The Perfect Love Story

I’ve always been that girl who longs for someday, the day I will find the perfect prince who will marry me and bring me home to be his forever. Some girls look for “the knight in shining armor.”

But whoever their ideal man is – their heart is filled with dreams of the most amazing romance ever. But as we all get older, we often start to forget these dreams.

Deep down, we still long for the perfect man, but looking around at this world, we wonder if he even exists? Girls are told to forsake their dreams, or that , “their expectations are too high.” We hear, “You’ll be an old maid if you hold onto those kind of impossible standards.”

Although the world may tell us differently, there is a perfect Prince. I know of the most beautiful romance ever created. The Author of romance is molding and perfecting the most beautiful love story in history. Our standards are not worthless. We long for really, true love for a reason.

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My Favorite Things Tag!

I don’t know if this is just me, but I feel like bursting into song…”these are a few of my favorite things!” The Sound of Music is such a good movie, but that’s not what we’re talking about today. 😉

Thank you so much, Anita, for tagging me for this! This tag is so much fun, y’all, so I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

And thank you Beth, for creating this awesome tag!

Rules :

❈ Link back to and thank the person who tagged you.

Link back to and thank the blogger who began the tag.

List and picture seven of your favorite things.

Tag at least seven people (or as many as you can).

❈ Use the picture above (at Beth’s request).

List the seven rules.

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Letting Go of Your Pride: It’s Ok to Not Always Be Right

My outline just got shattered. So shattered that I’m going to have to start all over again.–all because a friend of mine pointed out a huge problem that I had somehow never seen before.

It’s funny how that happens, right? We can so easily overlook our own shortcomings.

Even though I was discouraged,  I really appreciated her speaking up. So as she apologized, I said “thank you.” And I meant it, sincerely. Not everyone will approach me and say that this is wrong, and that no one’s going to like it the way it is. I’m really, really glad she did.

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Ten Ways to be Productive

Last week, my post was about how to cope with being overwhelmed.

Well, before writing that post, I had actually put together a list of practical ways to actually accomplish stuff. It’s a slightly different take on the same thing, from a more practical standpoint.

After posting “When Life Feels Overwhelming”, I was thinking that it wouldn’t work to write this post as well, because they’re so similar.

But after I saw the impact it had on everyone who commented, I realized that I shouldn’t stop there. I spoke about how I dealt with being overwhelmed and stressed out, but didn’t really talk about the actual “how” I am productive.

Today I’m sharing the more practical side of things. 🙂

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