Wrapup // Identity Series

Happy Sunday friends! I’d like to apologize for my lateness with this post, and hope you all don’t mind that it ended up a day late. ❤

I don’t really have that much to share, except a big thank you to all the lovely ladies who participated in this series with me, and a few closing thoughts.

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This is Me // Identity Blog Series

Hey there dears! This is the first in a series of blog posts that will be focusing on identity, worth, and purpose as a young woman in the midst of a world that places value on everything but our Creator.

I think I do have a few guy readers, so for those of you who are, you can still read this if you do feel like it. 😛

But I thought it would be an encouragement to focus just a bit more on what God’s design is on the subject of worth as a young woman.

(At the bottom of this post I will be doing a list of the other places where some girls will be posting as a part of this series, if that’s something that you’re interested in as well.)

Without much more of my rambling, I’ll just let you read. 😛

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2018 // Reflecting on God’s Goodness

I love the New Year. I love fresh starts, a time to make new resolutions, change things up a little bit, and get excited for yet another calendar year. It’s the kind of change that everyone looks forward to, I think.

But as I look back, I also feel a teeny twinge of sadness that it’ll never be 2018 again.

I wanted to do a wrap up post of the year like everyone else was doing, but I realized that maybe something a bit different would be better for me. (Plus the fact that I wasn’t very good at keeping track of everything over the course of one year. Not talking about that.)

I love getting things done, and I think this was another year of a ton of great things that happened, but even better than everything I accomplished, was what God accomplished.

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Part 1: My 2018 NaNoWriMo Experience

This was quite the NaNoWriMo experience for me. In my last post I talked about how NaNo was in 2017. And wow. This was a GOOD year. Not exactly in the sense that you’re probably expecting, but amazing none-the-less.

I know I promised you a NaNo journal I was going to be sharing, BUT that didn’t happen. *hides* I totally forgot about it when I was just a few days in. And honestly, I’m glad I did. Remember how I said how I was going to be extremely busy? A journal wasn’t exactly a top priority, so I didn’t need to be stressing myself by adding one more thing to do daily.

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NaNoWriMo: What It’s Like for a Perfectionist

So, NaNoWriMo. Have you heard of it? Are you prepping for it?

It stands for National Novel Writing Month, which happens to be during the month of November. It starts in three days. Three days. I’m going to try to attempt writing 50,000 words in a month, and it’s most likely going to be crazy.

And sorry this is a few days late. I’m blaming it on trying to prep for NaNo. 😉

But before I get to what I’m doing this year, I wanted to share with you a little bit about my NaNo experience last November.

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